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Mining project

Vehicle rental for small and
big projects in the mining sector

It's all about finding the right balance between effort and efficiency!

With over 25 years of experience in the mining industry, RW Rentals understand your travel needs on a mining site. Whether it’s a vehicle for sampling, spreading sand or salt, snow removal, transporting tools, moving around a site or simply a vehicle for your maintenance crew, we offer you Kubota commercial trucks (RTV 1100) that are robust, versatile and customizable. Our vehicles are easily adapted to all your mining activities, which will simplify your travels, even in the most rugged terrain, in addition to being easy to drive.

Save Money

Renting is more economical for a medium or big project than owning a conventional truck.

Routine Maintenance

All our vehicles are subject to regular maintenance before and after each rental.

Additional Equipment

We customize each vehicle to the customer's needs with the right accessories.

Availability of our Fleet

Rent a vehicle on a medium-or-long-term basis anywhere in Quebec, delivered directly to your site.

Kubota RTV520 – RTV 11100
Diesel, 3 cylinder, 4 stroke, overhead valve
CSA M424,2-90 #1278
4 wheel drive, hydrostatic
Front/rear wet brakes, parking brake, hand lever for rear wheels
4-wheel independent, spring-loaded and rear shock absorbers

What are the advantages of using a kubota?

Kubota RTV520 – RTV 11100
Ease of driving
Low maintenance and repair cost
Low fuel consumption
Modular on demand
Ease of parking
Remote monitoring
Good visibility
Access to rough terrain
Equipped for industrial environments

Short and long term rental


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Vehicles available

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