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Our motto is to guarantee you and your employees safe travel by offering you vehicles that meet industry standards and are adapted to your services.
René Henry, manager of Location RW, and his son, William Desaulniers, future buyer of the project - Family business
William Desaulniers, future buyer of the company RW Rentals
René Henry, founder and current director of the company RW Rentals
Location RW is a family business that specializes in the rental of specialized vehicles in the mining sector. Currently managed by René Henry (father), the company was built with the aim of combining expertise and renewal by taking advantage of the knowledge of the father and the ambitions of the son. Location RW will one day be transferred to William Desaulniers (son), whose specialization and experience will be the subject of both academic and intergenerational learning. Having worked for more than 25 years in management, planning and construction in the mining industry, René Henry is a man of experience in the field and understands the reality of your mining services. Reducing not only your costs related to your company’s expenses, but also your ecological footprint is an intrinsic part of its values. Your safety and that of your employees is certainly his number one criterion when it comes to your trips to work. Do business with Location RW for the rental of your vehicles and prioritize your business performance and workplace safety.

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